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I work very hard to help authors take their work up to a professional manuscript standard with my copy-editing service. This involves checking the text to make sure the grammar and formatting is as a writer and/ or publisher wants it as well as checking for continuity errors. This can be quite an involved process and I will always work very closely with an author to achieve this. 

Many times an author or a publisher may feel that a book needs more than one edit. I am happy to edit something which has been previously edited by someone else (many people have willing family members and friends who do this) to get it up to the final, professional manuscript ready to be proofread.  I also encourage authors to get others to read work after it has been edited by me. I'm only human and even books published by the top publishing houses with a plethora of editors at their disposal often put out books which still contain the odd typo.

I like to use Open Office for all my work. The reason for this is that work is more easily transferred into an Ebook format and it is easier to read a variety of formats. It's easy to download a copy of Open Office for free too! 

I charge £2.80 per 1000words currently for a Copy-edit of a text. This is a very involved process and this represents really good value for money. This is to reflect the fact that I enjoy working with indie-authors and self-publishers and I understand that there is not normally a bottomless pit of money to pay for everything when you're doing it all yourself. 

Think your manuscript or website is finished? I will read through your final copy to make sure there are no grammar errors or spelling mistakes.

Proof-reading is purely just a final read-through to pick up typos, spelling mistakes, small grammar and continuity errors that were not picked up in the first copy-edits. 

For this service I charge £2.50 per 1000words. This still represents really good value for money as it is still a rather involved process. I don't usually go backwards and forwards with a writer in this one. I literally take the work and read it through, sending back my copy of the manuscript with my comments and adjustments. 

CVs and Websites

I charge per page for both of these types of work. I really only offer proofreading of both of these as I am not a professional website builder or CV writer. I would only be looking for spelling errors, typos, grammar issues and awkward phrasing. I charge £2.50 per page for both of these in light of the fact that it is often more difficult to count words. This still represents very good value though in comparison to other editing services.


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