Sarah Barnard of Ethics Trading said:
Mel Horrod of Indie-Editing.

Mel has proof-read, test-read, edited all my books so far and as long as she's happy to do so I'll be after her services again!

I'm not sure what the “proper” name is for what Mel does – it's not full editing in terms of rewriting, or correcting story-lines and plots, but it is definitely editing in terms of sense checking the story for readability and clarity as well a spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Whatever she chooses to call what she does it really does work for me. Mel doesn't mess with the story but will comment on character discrepancies, continuity issues and plot problems. She won't fix them, she just points them out, notes where things don't quite flow or make sense, or asks for clarification.

What you'll get back from Indie-Editing is a document covered in “Red pen”, like you would have had from teachers in school! But it's all constructive and offered in an amicable manner.

Indie-Editing's work is personal and impeccable. I would highly recommend that you give Mel a try and see if she can work for you.